Submission of Abstract

Deadline for abstract submission (extended): March 6th, 2022

Guidelines for abstracts preparation and presentation

Abstracts should be submitted and presented according to the guidelines below.

All abstracts accepted by the IPVS2022 evaluation committee will be published in the IPVS2022 Proceedings as "EXPANDED ABSTRACT".

The abstracts accepted by IPVS2022 will be presented in oral or poster format. The author must choose the form of presentation at the time of submission. The evaluation committee will select a limited number of abstracts for oral presentation. The remaining abstracts will be presented in poster format. The authors will be notified in advance.

When submitting the abstract, the author must choose the session of interest (thematic area) in which the work will be presented.

There will be no limit for abstract submission by author.



  • Viral diseases,
  • Bacterial diseases,
  • Immunology & Vaccinology,
  • Food Safety - Parasites,
  • Reproduction,
  • Antimicrobials,
  • Welfare,
  • Nutrition,
  • Clinical Cases,
  • Production & Innovation,
  • Herd Management,
  • Miscellaneous.



The rules for elaboration of the abstract must be strictly observed, otherwise it may be rejected by the evaluation committee of IPVS2022.

All the necessary information for the formatting and presentation of the abstracts are described on the materials “IPVS2022 - Abstract Guidelines” and “IPVS2022 – Abstract Template”, available for download CLICK HERE.

For the “double blind” evaluation of the abstracts, you will be asked to upload 2 files of your abstract: one according to the rules established above and the other without the identification of the authors, thus ensuring the integrity and impartiality of the evaluation process. If there is any form of identification the abstract will be automatically rejected.

The IPVS2022 evaluation committee expressly recommends strict grammatical accuracy, formatting and presentation of the abstracts, whose form and content are the sole responsibility of the author(s).



The rules for abstract presentation at IPVS2022, either in oral or poster format, will be released in the coming days.



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